Voices Only Special – Part 1

Rachael Schoenbaum hosts a 2-part special featuring groups featured on Voices Only 2020. Part 1 airs tonight at 5 pm Pacific and includes interviews with Aquapella, Sound Off, Voices, Pitch, Please, OU Gold Vibrations, and All-Night Yahtzee, as well as with founder and producer Corey Slutsky of Voices Only Productions


New Tunesday – May 21, 2019

Just a couple of new videos out this week, but what we’re lacking in quantity certainly isn’t affecting the quality!

Home Free

Is there anything better than the comfort of your hometown dive bar? Everyone needs a low-key, familiar place to unwind sometimes. Home Free capture that in their latest original song, the first single of their upcoming album which is now available for pre-sale.

Peter Hollens

Don’t have time to watch a full show? Well, catch the 5-minute version of Newsies here:


The 2019 UK ICCA Champions traveled across the Atlantic to compete on Broadway last month. If you didn’t get to see their set, now you can: