Who We Are

Acaville is a non-profit, and we’re all volunteer-run. So we want to give a big shout-out and thanks to the wonderful, committed team you see below. And if you want to join in the cause, drop us a line!

Board of Directors

Aaron Director Aaron Director Aaron is the founder of Acaville, and helps keep the station going day-to-day. He produces the news and does some on-air stuff, too.
Rachael Schoenbaum Rachael Schoenbaum Rachael produces Competition Countdown and The Pulse, and assists with #TheSpotlight, Polyphony, and live events. You’ll hear her doing on-air promos as well.
Dana Director Dana Director Dana helps with the Acaville social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, and pitches in with sound engineering on #TheSpotlight. She also coordinates our volunteers.

Station Manager

Amanda Cornaglia Amanda does a little bit of everything – programming the shows on the station, managing live streams, creating and editing podcasts, and generally just trying to make sure the station keeps providing the content you love!

The Team

Amy Rose Alongside her husband, Donny, Amy hosts ShopTalk the first week of every month. Her 20 plus-year barbershop highlight reel includes multiple top 10 chorus finishes and regional-winning quartets, and she is currently a member of Evergreen District quartet, Friends Club.
Bill Colosimo Bill hosts ShopTalk on the 2nd week of the month.
Donny Rose Donny shares the mic with Amy on the 1st week of the month
Elicia Edwards Elicia hosts Talkappella and can also be seen covering events!
Fatima Whelan Fatima hosts ShopTalk on the 2nd week of the month
Kris Adams Kris is the co-host of Vocal HERspective and helps cover live events, including hosting the Harmony, Inc. webcast.
Marc Silverberg Dr. Silverberg heads up the development of A Cappella Masterclass and can often be found streaming and interviewing at live events.
Max Coxon Max co-hosts ShopTalk the 4th week of the month with Roman.
Robert Smith Robert is one of our on air personalities.
Roman King Roman co-hosts ShopTalk the 4th week of every month.
TeKay TeKay leads the VoCAL Tracks show, featuring groups in the Contemporary A Cappella League.
Why’d We Do It?

Why would someone be crazy enough to spend time, effort, and money on starting a nonprofit a cappella organization like Acaville? Good question!

It started with radio. We were frustrated. We listen to a lot of a cappella. But we couldn’t find it well-executed on the web. There were a few options that came and went over the years. Some had a narrower focus than we wanted (e.g., praise-appella only), while others had a stale playlist that never changed.

When streaming services like Pandora and Spotify came along, we thought they were the answer. But no. None of them categorized a cappella as a characteristic, so when they went to ‘suggest’ tunes, there would inevitably be that moment where some synth, hi-hat, or guitar would come clomping in. That’s no good. (Well, it might be good, but it wasn’t what we were looking for.)

So Acaville was born, initially just for music: to bring you a range of contemporary a cappella, from groups and solo artists at all levels and ages. (Got music you’d like us to play? Send it our way!)

From there, we continue to look for ways to support the a cappella community, both through on-air programming and broader initiatives, like A Cappella Masterclass, our Harmony, Inc partnership, and more.