Vocal HERspective Episode 29 – Jo Eteson

This week on Vocal HERspective, we’re sitting down with Jo Eteson, longtime soprano of The Swingles. We could elaborate for hours about her talent and experience, but we’ll just leave it at: she is a living legend. And an incredibly kind and generous legend at that.

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The Pulse – Vinyl Street

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The Spotlight – Bostonality & Scaliwags

One of the best parts of Acaville traveling the world for a cappella is getting to meet with the groups who make it.

Tonight on #TheSpotlight we get a little love and a little music from Bostonality A Cappella & Scaliwags! The interviews kick off at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST.

The Pulse with Encore, Now and Then, and The Limestones

Tonight on The Pulse we’re sharing the first of our interviews from Twin Cities A Cappella Festival 2020! Listen in to learn more about The LimestonesLSHS Choirs Encore, and the Now and Then Singers from Lakeville North High School.

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