Talkappella Episode 126 – Backtrack

The world may be on pause, but Backtrack Vocals is still making music and sharing their fun brand of creativity. Catch up with Mike, Mallory, and Melissa on tonight’s episode of Talkappella with Brian Alexander and Elicia Edwards at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific.

Talkappella Episode 125 – Lachi

Lachi is back for a full hour-long interview on Talkappella with Brian and Elicia to talk everything from the origins to getting an a cappella track up for a Grammy nomination, all while setting the stage and lifting up entertainers with disabilities. Don’t miss it – tonight at 5 pm Pacific!

Talkappella Episode 122 – Tim Bates

Colleges are back in session. Well, kind of. In some places. But even the colleges that are back on campus still have restrictions on activities, especially singing. Brian and Elicia talk with Tim Bates, the director of BW SŌL A Cappella about what this year is looking like for the group so far. The podcast debuts at 5 pm Pacific tonight and will be available as a podcast tomorrow!