Voices Only Special – Part 1

Rachael Schoenbaum hosts a 2-part special featuring groups featured on Voices Only 2020. Part 1 airs tonight at 5 pm Pacific and includes interviews with Aquapella, Sound Off, Voices, Pitch, Please, OU Gold Vibrations, and All-Night Yahtzee, as well as with founder and producer Corey Slutsky of Voices Only Productions


Polyphony Episode 10: Collegiate A Cappella at a Distance

Tonight we’ve got the 10th episode of Polyphony and Aaron and Rachael are talking about what the year ahead will look like for collegiate a cappella with Sophia Calder of The Vassar Devils, Jim Snedecor of RIT Eight Beat Measure, and Andrew Eugenio of Pitch, Please. Hear it at 5 pm Pacific on Acaville! Podcast available soon.