The Pulse with Aaron Jensen

Aaron Jensen joins us for The Pulse to talk about Countermeasure’s latest project – one with *gasp* instruments! Countermeasure joined forces with some of the most talented and award-winning instrumentalists to join their sound as a solo “voice” with songs nearly all composed by Jensen. We get to dig into album concept, inspiration, process, and more.

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The Pulse – Cape Harmony

The pandemic have upended our traditional summer plans, but for Cape Harmony, the show must go on! Tonight on The Pulse we learn more about how this iconic summer group is facing the challenge with grace and joy.
Tune in at 6 pm Pacific (9 pm Eastern) or hear the rebroadcast at 10 am & pm Pacific on Sunday. This episode will be available as a podcast on Monday.

The Pulse – Bill Hare

TONIGHT on The Pulse, we have a brand new interview we did with Bill Hare, the world’s most awarded individual Contemporary A Cappella producer, including over 70 appearances on BOCA, over 100 CARA nominations, over 40 albums in the RARB “Picks of the Year” lists, and 13 “DeeBee” awards since 1987 in the Vocal Jazz category from Downbeat Magazine.

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