Polyphony Episode 10: Collegiate A Cappella at a Distance

Tonight we’ve got the 10th episode of Polyphony and Aaron and Rachael are talking about what the year ahead will look like for collegiate a cappella with Sophia Calder of The Vassar Devils, Jim Snedecor of RIT Eight Beat Measure, and Andrew Eugenio of Pitch, Please. Hear it at 5 pm Pacific on Acaville! Podcast available soon.

Vocal HERspective Episode 55 – This….Sucks.

Vocal HERspective is back this week with a…slightly different kind of episode. For the first time since Episode 1, it’s just the hosts and, while it’s officially named the “Hosts’ Check-in,” we probably could have just called it “This Sucks.” Tune in for this very unfiltered conversation about the state of the universe according to Amanda and Rachael.
It’s not all doom and gloom – this episode also includes a look back at some of the episodes that have made the biggest impressions – ones you’ll want to go back and listen to.
Oh, and no animals were harmed in the making of this episode, but Moo and Gryffindor surely do sum up how we’re feeling so they take center stage on the graphic! Hear the show at 6:30 pm Pacific/9:30 pm Eastern.

Polyphony Episode 7: Pandemic Impact on International Groups

This week on Polyphony, we head overseas to hear about how the pandemic is affecting some of our international groups. Aaron and Rachael sit down with Peter Huang of MICappella, Jon Smith of The Swingles, and Lorenzo Subrizi of Rebel Bit for a global perspective of the shutdown.
Hear it first tonight at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern. Podcast available later in the week!

Pandemic Survival Kit

With the school year underway, the crush of cancelled festivals, events, and rehearsals will have us feeling the impact of COVID-19 even more so than the last several months. We’ve compiled a list of information, entertainment, education, and resources to help you keep that a cappella joy in your life while we wait this out! We’ve even included links for you to support other artists while touring is on hold. This page will be updated frequently and we welcome your submissions!
Pandemic Survival Kit