Vocal HERspective Episode 47 – Jo Sahlin

Tonight on Vocal HERspective, Rachael and Amanda go more in depth on the conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion with Jo Sahlin, a member of Olympia ChorusSoundWave Quartet, and the Sweet Adelines International Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. In a time of upheaval and rapid change, this episode highlights the progress that has been made, what more is ahead, and some ideas on maintaining productive conversations.

We hope you’ll join us at 6:30 pm Pacific (9:30 pm Eastern) or catch the rebroadcast on Sunday at 10:30 am & pm Pacific. The episode will be available as a podcast on Monday.

Vocal HERspective Episode 46 – Annette Philip

This week on Vocal HERspective, Annette Philip of Women of the World talks diversity, the power of music, mental health and finding the bright side of this pandemic. Tune in to hear the debut broadcast tonight at 6:30 pm Pacific (9:30 pm Eastern) or the rebroadcast on Sunday at 10:30 am & pm Pacific. The podcast will be available for download on Monday!

Vocal HERspective Episode 45 – BriAnne Woodward

If you ever needed to be reminded of just how much a music teacher can change lives, look no further than BriAnne Woodward. Her well-prepared students go on to great success in both PFC & Madison Avenue. Better yet, they are sent off better prepared for a world that often doesn’t make much sense.

This interview is truly inspirational – for students, for teachers, for the future of vocal music, and, well, for everyone. Do your soul a favor and tune into Vocal HERspective tonight at 9:30 pm Eastern/6:30 pm Pacific. Listen again Sunday at 10:30 am and pm Pacific and download it as a podcast on Monday.

The Pulse – Bill Hare

TONIGHT on The Pulse, we have a brand new interview we did with Bill Hare, the world’s most awarded individual Contemporary A Cappella producer, including over 70 appearances on BOCA, over 100 CARA nominations, over 40 albums in the RARB “Picks of the Year” lists, and 13 “DeeBee” awards since 1987 in the Vocal Jazz category from Downbeat Magazine.

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