Polyphony Episode 4: Professional Performers in the Pandemic

What’s it like for a professional performer in the age of a pandemic? It certainly includes an elevated amount of creativity, grit, and determination.
Polyphony hosts Sean Gerrity of The Edge Effect, Mark Megibow of Face Vocal Band, and Annette Philip of Women of the World tonight at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific. This episode will also air at 10 am & pm Eastern on Sunday, as well as released as a podcast on polyphonypod.org.

Vocal HERspective Episode 46 – Annette Philip

This week on Vocal HERspective, Annette Philip of Women of the World talks diversity, the power of music, mental health and finding the bright side of this pandemic. Tune in to hear the debut broadcast tonight at 6:30 pm Pacific (9:30 pm Eastern) or the rebroadcast on Sunday at 10:30 am & pm Pacific. The podcast will be available for download on Monday!