Episode 8: Scholastic A Cappella in the Pandemic

This week, Polyphony digs into the pandemic’s effect on scholastic a cappella. Tonight’s panelists include Dennis Gephart of Limited Edition, Port Washington, Justin Glodich of Valley Central Middle School and The Aca-Education Podcast, and Lisa Marien of Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School – hear the conversation at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific!

Vocal HERspective Episode 49 – Lisa Marien

Hear about the unlikely journey that led Lisa Marien to create a booming elementary a cappella program at Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School. It’s on tonight at 6:30 pm PDT on Episode 49 of Vocal HERspective. If you can’t tune in tonight, you can also hear it Sunday at 10:30 am & pm PDT or download the podcast on Monday!