Polyphony Episode 1 – Remote Rehearsals and Strategies

Six Appeal’s Jordan Roll, Accent’s Evan Sanders, and Northern Blend Chorus’ Katie Taylor join us to talk about how to keep rehearsal momentum going when you can’t get together – and why maybe there are other ways to think about the role of rehearsals.

Accent is a group with members from France, Sweden, Canada, UK, and the US – so they’re no strangers to remote rehearsal. Pro group Six Appeal brought on two new members from other parts of the country and met in person for the first time only days before a Disney Cruise gig. Northern Blend brings together over three-dozen women from around a region who balance singing with regular daily lives. Each group has a different perspective on remote rehearsals, and how they’re each keeping their communities strong when they can’t get together. We talk about it all on this episode of Polyphony!

Barbershop 7th Hour – Episode 39

More barbershop coming your way tonight at 5 pm Pacific with The Barbershop 7th Hour on Acaville Radio with music from RealtimeLemon SqueezyRönninge Show ChorusAmbassadors of HarmonyKentucky Vocal UnionThe Rich-Tone Chorus, and so much more!