On each episode of #TheSpotlight, we go behind the songs to spend time with the artists themselves. We sit down face-to-face with artists at every level of a cappella to find out how they got their start, how their groups have grown and changed, and where they’re headed next. Sprinkled throughout are some live performances of songs, too.

Hear collegiate groups talk about reconstituting themselves after a hiatus. Listen in as Deke Sharon reminisces about the early days of starting CASA from a dorm room. Get the sounds of The Persuasions as they perform some of their early hits live. All of these have happened in #TheSpotlight – and there’s only more to come.

Due to the pandemic, #TheSpotlight is on a brief hiatus through 2020. Catch all the back episodes (there are hundreds!) on the podcast!

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Aaron Director

Aaron Director

Here are some of the people we’ve spoken to in the past:
Apollo Link
Bill Hare
Bluesettes Quintet
Business Casual
Catch 22
Columbia U. Nonsequitur
Deke Sharon
Diana Preisler & Marty Gasper
John Neal
Johns Hopkins U. Octopodes
Low Key
Milpitas HS Midnight Jazz
Oregon State U. PowerChord
Ro Sham Bo
Stanford U. Everyday People
Stanford U. Raagapella
Stanford U. Testimony
Stanford U. Volta
Straighter Road
Talk of Da Town
The Current
The District
The Lost Keys
The Persuasions
Timepiece Quartet
U. of Dayton Remedy
U. of Delaware MelUDees
U. of Delaware Vocal Point
U. of Delaware YChromes
U. of Maryland Baltimore County Mama’s Boys
U. of Maryland DaCadence
U. of Maryland Generics
U. of Maryland Treblemakers
U. of Oregon Divisi
U. of Oregon Mind The Gap
U. of Oregon On the Rocks
Venus d Minor
West Side 5
Western Alamance HS WA Cappella
Women of the World
Word of Mouth