New Tunesday – October 9, 2018

In addition to all of the great variety of a cappella you can hear ’round the clock here at Acaville Radio, we’re going to bring you some bonus releases each Tuesday to make sure you’re finding all of the latest and greatest this talented community has to offer.

Here are our favorites this week:


Colorado’s favorite rock vocal band outdid themselves with this cover of Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” with an arrangement and solo by Ryan Driver.

Drums of War

Australia’s Hip Hop and R&B a cappella band put their vocals to good use to promote mental health and suicide prevention. The group is raising funds to support beyondblue and you can support them in their Tough Mudder Half.

Drums of War, a cappella, suicide prevention


The 2018 Aca-Open Finalists released the studio version of their opening track “Bad Romantic” which was written, edited, mixed, and mastered by group member Hansel Romero and produced by Romero and Lisa McNulty with a solo by Lauren Redditt.

New Tunesday – September 25, 2018

In addition to all of the great variety of a cappella you can hear ’round the clock here at Acaville Radio, we’re going to bring you some bonus releases each Tuesday to make sure you’re finding all of the latest and greatest this talented community has to offer.

Here are our favorites this week:


Fresh off their #AcaOpen win, the new world champion of a cappella released their version of “Summertime” which was the lead off song in their winning set. See just what all the fuss is about for yourself:

The Quad
Bring together four of the community’s most celebrated voices to encourage U.S. voters to go to the polls, and we think you’re on to something. Erin Bentlage, Ben Bram, India Carney, and Kenton Chen treat us to a fantastic arrangement of “America, the Beautiful.”


Listen Live! Platinum Moments – The Alexandria Harmonizers 70th Anniversary

Today at 4 pm EDT, we’ll be bringing you a SOLD OUT performance from Alexandria, VA!

Tune if for Platinum Moments, a celebration of the Alexandria Harmonizer’s 70th Anniversary. This 4-time international champion is fresh off an 8th place finish at BHS Internationals, where the chorus scores were off the charts!

They’ll be joined by special guests Signature Quartet, the 2018 International Quartet Runners-Up, and Toronto Northern Lights, the 2013 International Chorus Champions, now directed by Jordan Travis.

We hear there are plenty of surprises in store – hear it all live right here on!

Voice Only 2018 Announced

After many years of a split scholastic and professional compilations, Voices Only combined forces for 2018 Vol. 1 & 2. Here is the extended track list with a great list of high school, collegiate and professional a cappella, expected to be available for download soon.

Volume 1
1) Don’t Belong – Ithacappella
2) Bad Blood – Faux Paz
3) Girlfriend – The Virginia Sil’hooettes
4) Come Together – m-pact
5) Pure Imagination – The SoCal VoCals

6) Animal Spirits – TAG – The A Cappella Group
7) My Favorite Things – Blue Jupiter
8) Super Mario Super Medley – David Fowler
9) The A Team – Freshman Fifteen
10) 22 (Over S∞∞n) – The Boston University Treblemakers
11) Something Beautiful – Kansas City A Cappella, SoundProof
12) Got To Get You Into My Life – Rip_Chord
13) New Rules – All-Night Yahtzee
14) Rise – Sound Off
15) Work Song – UNC Achordants
16) Shape of You – One Note Stand A Cappella
17) Bad Romance – Sensations
18) Pelu Mi – The Sons of Pitches

Volume 2
1) Beneath The Brine – Academical Village People
2) What About Us – OneVoice
3) Giants – Take 7 & Naughty Scotty and the Octapella
4) In The Real Early Morning – Juxtaposition
5) Girls Your Age – Amazin’ Blue
6) Beethoven Medley – Backtrack
7) Let It Be – The Tufts Amalgamates
8) Glowing in the Dark – Scott & Ryceejo
9) Jealous – BLACKOUT
10) Narnia – The Swingles

11) Machine – Pitches and Notes
12) The Circle Game – Doox of Yale (The Duke’s Men)
13) Haze – The Overtones
14) Crabbuckit – Cadence
15) Sledgehammer – Off the Beat
16) Into You – Mixed Emotions
17) Ultralight Beam – The Michigan G-Men
18) Take Me Home – Tufts University Beelzebubs


Golden Overtones Tunes

Catch the Spring 2018 Golden Overtones show – a little something for our non-members to enjoy as we get everything ready for the new 2018-2019 season!

Here are the tunes in the show:

1. Finesse
Artists Name: Bruno Mars
Lead Vocalists: Shraddha Pandey
Arranger: Shraddha Pandey
6. Human Contact
Artists Name: Catey Shaw
Lead Vocalist: Georgina Espinosa
Arranger: Hoi Ning Liu
2. Bad Mood
Artists Name: Miley Cyrus
Lead Vocalist: Ashley Rodriguez
Arranger: Sonia Yuen
7. Say My Name; Distraction mashup
Artists Name: Destiny’s Child; Kehlani
Lead Vocalist: Meghna Mandava
Arranger: Meghna Mandava
3. Outlaws
Artists Name: Alessia Cara
Lead Vocalist: Amy Hung
Arranger: Sonia Yuen/Hoi Ning Liu
8. Hotter Than Hell
Artists Name: Dua Lipa
Lead Vocalist: Ruby Welsh Ferrerya
Arranger: Ruby Welsh Ferrerya
4. Drive It Like You Stole It
Artists Name: Sing Street
Lead Vocalist: Aoife O’Connor
Arranger: Aoife O’Connor
9. Never Be The Same
Artists Name: Camila Cabello
Lead Vocalist: Riya Kulkarni
Arranger: Hoi Ning Liu
5. Old Friends
Artists Name: Jasmine Thompson
Lead Vocalist: Ana Shaughnessy
Arranger: Nick Smith
10. Boots
Artists Name: Kesha
Lead Vocalist: Sonia Yuen
Arranger: Sonia Yuen

Check Out The Calendar!

We’ve added a new feature to the Acaville site: an a cappella event calendar!

Looking for something fun to do? We’ve gathered shows and events from hundreds of a cappella groups and organizations around the world, and consolidated them all here. Today and tomorrow are on the home page, and there’s a full list of future events at the “Beyond” link.

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Acaville Launches Membership

We’re so excited to launch a new Acaville Membership program! Everybody will still be able to listen to Acaville as before, but we’re rolling out a ton of fun, new benefits for members.

Over the next few months, we’re working on making back episodes of all our shows available on-demand for members – we’ve already got every aired episode of #TheSpotlight. At some membership levels, we’ll even turn our whole station over to you for an hour to play whatever a cappella you want!

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