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College of William and Mary No Ceiling
Year Event Date Result
2017 ICCA South Quarterfinal Feb. 4 Advanced (1st)
2017 ICCA South Semifinal Mar. 11 Participated
2018 ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal Jan. 27 Advanced (1st)
2018 ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semifinal Mar. 31 2nd
2019 ICCA South Quarterfinal Feb. 2 Advanced (1st)
2019 ICCA South Semifinal Mar. 2 Participated
2020 ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal at George Washington University Jan. 25 Advanced (1st)
2020 ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semifinal at The Grand Opera House Mar. 21 Participated
2022 ICCA Mid-Atlantic Region Quarterfinal Jan. 30 Participated